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TWT Travel Services was founded in 2017, based on the premise that travel should extend beyond a destination and into an experience.  We believe that dynamic, ongoing client relationships create a more open exchange of ideas, leading to a personalized itinerary. This leads not only to more responsive service, but also to creative, proactive thinking that is keenly focused on our particular client's travel goals and needs.

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TWT Travel Services provides a luxury travel concierge experience unlike any other.  The experiences we create include, and are not limited: Destination Weddings, Weekend Getaways, Girls Trips, Golf Trips and Family trips/Reunions.  TWT can help you bring in the New Year in places like Australia, Hong Kong or Dubai.  We at TWT can help you cruise through places like Alaska, Tahiti, Hawaii, the Galapagos Islands or Antarctica.  Let Travel With Tanishia guide you through your next destination by creating a tailor made itinerary designed around your interests…your desires…your expectations. Let TWT breathe new life into your next travel experience.

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